Russian Helmets

Ssh36 #6

Ssh36 #6 - The shell is an original pre-WW2, Russian Ssh36 (model 1936). When purchased the helmet was in near perfect condition. It had been sand blasted with some weld repair work evident to the front crown and air vent/comb area. The shell is factory stamped inside the right side as 1 1671. This shell was primed then painted in dark olive-drab with a red star stencil to the front. The helmet has been fitted with a salvaged Czech liner with four pig-skin tongues. It is a head size 56/57cm. The liner is based on a zinc outer band. The chinstrap is a salvaged Bulgarian type of dark khaki fabric with a metal buckle for adjustment. $450 AUD

Ssh36 #7

Ssh36 #7 - The shell is an original, Russian Ssh36 (model 1936; 1936 – 40) example. When purchased the shell was in near perfect condition except for some evidence of rust around the vent-hole inside the helmet; having said that the shell had been treated with ‘rust converter’ so there was no active rust. The factory stamp 1 3 4 4 can be seen at the centre rear. The air vent area has been repaired, the shell was primed and painted in olive-drab. The helmet has been fitted with a salvaged leather liner with an attached leather chinstrap. The leather is marked 58 but it feels more like a 56 – 57 cm head size. The leather seems quite new. A red communist star has been stencilled to the front. $450 AUD