FSJ Helmets

M38 #18

M38 #18 - This helmet was imported from the US and purchased from Germanhelmetsinc. Ken’s description of the helmet is as follows: This is an original M38 paratrooper helmet shell. ET68 with a three digit steel lot number indicating production in 1940. The original factory paint remains 95% intact. The exterior surface shows some kind of green cloudy effect. This shows up under my lighting but does not show up in ordinary room lighting. I don’t know what causes this effect. The original decal…… So, the shell is a 100% original Model 1938 German para helmet; stamped ET68 with a lot number of 446 (1941). The shell itself is in excellent condition. The remains of the original Luft decal rate at 20 – 25%. The paint definitely has a green tinge in patches; it may have been daubed with a brush or perhaps it had an over-paint at some time. I have no idea what has happened to the shell in its lifetime but it is genuine. The liner is a very presentable imported example from an overseas retailer. It does not look like the types that were made in China up until a couple of years ago. It looks more like examples I’ve seen recently from Eastern Europe. It is a head-size 59cm and a rubber bumper pad is also fitted. The liner was actually a 71/59 but I have remodelled it to a 68/59; the rubber padding inserts are therefore thinner. The chinstrap is also a very presentable imported example. It is a grey-green coloured leather with brown suede inners. The liner bolts are ‘spanner bolt’ replicas. $3300 AUD