M1 Helmet Liner

US M1 Liner #47

US M1 Liner #47 - The liner is an original Korean era high pressure type manufactured by the merger company of CAPAC/Westinghouse. It is dated 1956. Both logos can be found inside the crown. This liner was never completed at the factory; it never had webbing fitted; it did not even have rivet holes for webbing. When acquired, the liner was painted white with a tin badge for ‘Veterans of Foreign Wars – United States’. It had a homemade liner arrangement fixed to four holes in the liner shell. The liner has been completely fitted out as a WW2 type with new OD3 triple-weave webbing, new A washers and rivets, new sweatband, new neck strap and new leather chinstrap. The leather chinstrap fixtures have been improvised. The outer surface was stripped bare and painted olive-drab. $230 AUD